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Citizenship collaborating and
sharing for Human Rights

Punto y Seguido [1] is an initiative that collects any kind of information about repressors, torturers, baby thieves, and criminals against Human Rights through the anonymous cooperation of citizens. The goal is to identify these people, with names and surnames, to facilitate prosecution by international tribunals in known legal actions such as the Argentina Complaint against the crimes of Francoism or the Complaint by Italian bombing of Barcelona during the Civil War. Also we name and shame publicly these people, while judicial proceedings do not thrive.

Although this initiative was born in Spain and looking to Latin America, has international focus, because unfortunately, crimes against the rights of individuals have been repeated again and again throughout the world. We are trying to repeat and share also the struggles. We therefore hope that our initiative will inspire others, in non-Spanish speaking countries.

We share information about impunity, so that history does not repeat itself.

This tool serve also as an archive to document that history.

Because this is not a full stop in this history, is a full stop and a new sentence.

[editar] What we are searching for and what we do

We are searching for any kind of information to publicly denounce and locate the whereabouts of repressors, torturers, baby thieves, etc, either from the time of Spanish or Latin American dictatorships, or from the present (eg. Centres of Internment of Foreigners CIES). To gather information we use mainly public information (newspaper archives, telephone listings, public records, etc.) and the cooperation of citizens.

Although the main goal is to collect all kinds of information to make effective legal complaints against these people, we also try to document these facts through complaints, testimonies, reports, etc, etc, while we name and shame publicly these people.

Punto y Seguido has a similar functionality to the wikipedia, with a structure of a page for each person we denounced and also permitting the collaboration of citizens to continue collecting information on each page.

We also share legal procedures, general strategies and struggles that can facilitate this work in different countries.

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  1. NT: "Punto y seguido" can be translated as "full stop, new sentence" in contraposition to "full stop and end" in reference to the Argentine full stop law ("Punto y Final")
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